If you don’t know how to get a job, and you’re sending your resume to various companies, the first thing that you should know it that you must prepare for a job interview with each one of the companies you have in your target. You must be prepared for all the interview questions. You must shine during that job interview. Therefore, here are a few job interview tips.

Considering that you have sent your resume to quite a few companies, you have to be prepared for each one of them to call. Because when a representative of a certaint company calls you, you don’t want to mistake that company for a different one. Therefore, conduct a background research for each one of the companies you’re applying at and know exactly which one’s which. Also, be prepared for a few job interview questions over the phone. Sometimes recruiters like to conduct a preliminary interview asking you a thing or two over the phone, and filtering a little bit the list of the candidates.

Obviously, the first impression matters when applying for a job. That’s why you should be nicely dressed and tressed for a job interview. Also, keep in mind that people will judge you after your appearance, so remove your piercings, earrings (especially if you’re a guy), hide your tattoos etc. Of course, in some cases, tattoos may work, for example if you’re applying for a bouncer job, or tattoo artists job. But in general, if you’re applying for an office job, interviewers would rather not have someone with tattoos and piercings.

During the job interview, avoid answering a question with another question. However, you’re allowed to ask a question in case you need a clarification over a certain aspect, but keep in mind that during an actual job interview, the interviewer asks the questions, not you.

Avoid showing any sign of boredom or disinterest. You may be really interested in getting that particular job, but gestures like rolling eyes, tapping fingers on desk etc., are associated with disinterest. On the other hand keeping eye contact with the interviewer, however avoiding a creepy stare, shows interest, connection. You may even want to study the mimic

If the interviewer is an attractive person of opposite sex, don’t hit on them. You’re not in a club, or by the bar. It probably won’t be received well, and it will already be with one foot in the grave.

When you’re going to be asked to tell the experience with your previous job, don’t complain about anything or anyone there, even if it was the main reason you left, or laid off. No one likes whiny people. Also, don’t be too chatty. Keep your answers brief and focused. Give details when it’s necessary. And answer with “Yes” and “No” to the job interview questions that require an answer like that.

I hope these tips help. I’ll also add more job interview tips here when I’ll have the time.


answersclockIf you’ve been to one or two job interviews in your life, you probably have noticed that some of the job interview questions are pretty much cliché. That’s why you should be prepared for those particular questions, to make sure you will give the best answer possible.

In this post I will put into view a few of these cliché questions, providing a series of unfortunate answers that many job seekers give, and also an answer that should be at least satisfying if not right on the spot.

Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Bad Answers:

“The benefits, of course!”
“I’m not sure. The pay kinda sucks…”
“My doctor said I’m allergic to unemployment…”

The last one just might stick, and even steal a smile from the interviewer. It will suggest that you have the sense of humor but you’ll quickly have to come up with the real answer to this job interview question.

Good answer:

Although the true answer to this question is too obvious, “I’m unemployed. I need a job. I need money to pay the bills and put food on the table for my family. And you are hiring.”, you can’t just hand it in. You have to code it in a phrasing similar to this:

“I’ve done my research and I realized that your company has great achievements, and conducts an activity I would like to be part of. Plus, I’ve been using your products for years and I just love them.”

Why Would We Hire You?

Bad Answers:

“Because I need this job!”
“Because you guys have done a terrible job around here and you need a guy to straighten things up!”
“Because I don’t have a criminal record.”

Good Answer:

“Because I have the required skills, X years of experience in this field, I’m punctual, focused, willing to learn, resistant to stress and I’ve always been a good team player.”

As you can see, this job interview question creates a great setting for you to enumerate your qualities, and that’s what you should do.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Bad Answers:

“Occupying your position, of course.”
“On my own island in the Bahamas, because I will surely win the lottery within the next 5 years.”
“I don’t understand the question…”

Good Answer:

I believe the answer that I gave to this question on my last job interview, was the answer that actually won me the job. Therefore, I’ll tell you exactly what I have said.

“Everyone can only hope that they can give you a satisfying answer to this question. As far as it concerns me, since my future plans include a career, and that about sums it up, I’ll probably occupy one or another position in this company, if I get hired. But no one has the ability to see the future, so I can’t say for sure where I’ll be.

On the other hand, I can give you a 100% correct answer to this question, even though it will sound a bit stupid. The answer is… MIRRORS! Or any other reflective surface, with the condition I don’t lose my eyesight. And I really don’t believe in vampires…”

The interviewer laughed, raised and shook my hand. Didn’t tell me that I got the job, but I got the call the next day.

Anyway, depending on the interviewer, the part with the mirrors might not stick. However, an answer strictly focused on your career plans (leaving out any personal plan), including the fact that your future plans include a career in that company or a similar company, may be the best answer.